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Batman by XKurohyouX
Tattoo #15. Part of a larger leg piece that I'm working on having done. This was done at Lightning Revival Tattoo Company by Matt Nelson.
Tattoo #14 by XKurohyouX
Tattoo #14
My 14th tattoo, this one was done by Matt Nelson at Lightning Revival Tattoo Company. I found the original image on Google, but I've wanted the Harley Quinn diamonds for a while now. I saw the paint splatter image, and fell in love with it. The original tattoo was supposed to be much smaller, to fit in the cost range, which was $60. So we were going to go with solid colors and keep Harley's face in the design. But when I arrived for my appointment, my artist had told me that the original image was just too cool not to try. I decided to put the tattoo on my right calf. This tattoo was a 3 hour process.

Harley Quinn and diamonds are owned by Warner Brothers.
Nightwing Escrima by XKurohyouX
Nightwing Escrima
I made these for my Halloween costume, and for the local comic convention this year. I'm going as a female Nightwing. These are made of PVC pipe. The ends are painted with silver spray paint, and blue model paint. The center of each Escrima is covered with electrical tape.
While catching up on things that I've been missing with all the crap going on because of the holiday season, and of course the birth of my nephew, I thought it was time to check my account here. Lo and behold, 60+ messages. Ho-lee-shit. I would say something along the lines of, "See, this is what happens when I forget that I have an account here", but that's the same excuse I use every time. Life got in my way, for once. Most of the time I come home and don't even bother getting on the computer anymore. Not while I have a smart phone and a nook table at my disposal, not to mention my Xbox when I actually use the internet on it. Which I don't, because it's Internet Explorer and we all know that is the red headed step child of all web browsers.

I was checking all my messages from my Firefox browser, but that seemed to kinda crap out on me. Guess it just couldn't handle all the tabs I had open for all the journal entries from my girl Z. So I sit here with my secondary browser, Google Chrome, open. 

Now, on to business. My sister finally had her baby. Though the plan was to induce her because of her high blood pressure, which they did on December 9th, but it was taking her body forever to make any changes that would bring on labor. All of the stress on her body led the doctors to the decision to take the baby via c-section. So at 4:35 am on December 12th, 2013, I was able to welcome my nephew Anthony Douglas Webster, into the world. Well... sort of. I didn't get to see him after he was born. They gave my sister about an hour to spend with him, to bond, and then took him to the nursery to do all their little tests and whatnot. In fact, I left the hospital sometime after 8am, after having called into work and telling my boss that I wouldn't be able to come in. And wouldn't you know, that shit head boss of mine tried to convince me to come in at 11am. Now when I called him it was just after 7am, and I told him that I hadn't slept in 24 hours and that I was going home to do that. He said I could just come in later, go home, go to bed and be in by 11. What I neglected to tell him, and what he fails to realize is that 1) I live about 30 minutes from my place of work, 2) We were in the middle of a snow storm, and I REFUSE to take the highway in shitty weather conditions, 3) For me to make his time frame work, I would get MAYBE an hour of sleep since I would have to get up two hours before my start time, allowing me to get ready and make the drive out to work. HELL NO! I told him flat out that I wasn't going to do that. That man is notorious for the guilt trip. Fucker. 

Christmas was a blast. Not. Midday on Sunday the 22nd, I hear a huge crack, and the lights in my room begin to flicker. Then suddenly, the house goes dark. I look outside and our whole street went dark. A branch from the tree two houses down from me broke, fell on the power lines and snapped the telephone pole, cutting the power to the entire street. Two days later the electric company has sent people out to fix the damage. By 4pm on Christmas eve, we have power again... fooooooor about an hour. Again, I see the lights flicker, and total darkness. This time it was the transformer on the pole by my house that decided it was a good time to catch on fire. So outside of that hour, we spent about 3 days in the cold. Granted we still had city water and gas, so we could use the stove and take hot showers, which we did. We took pots, filled them with water, and set them on the stove so that the steam would warm the living room and kitchen. Everyone in the house pretty much stayed in those rooms while the power was out. It's harder to do all that when there's a week old infant in the house. Thankfully, everything was fixed by 11pm on Christmas Day. I don't think I could have gone another day like that.

I did spend Christmas day over at a friends house, since several weeks before she invited me to her house for Christmas dinner with her family. And as usual, I helped her cook. But because her Mother-in-law is a freak, my friend ended up having two separate family dinners at her house, which I helped prepare for both. The second one was just this past weekend, and was with her in-laws. Mind you, her in-laws contain within them, my ex-boyfriend. I don't think he enjoyed the fact that I was there, but she's my best friend, her hubby adores me and that ain't changing anytime soon. He did manage to piss me off though. My friend, her hubby and I have this running joke about being "The other wife". It came about because I'm there often, and I help cook dinner. All three of us laugh at it, and it's an inside joke, essentially. At dinner with the in-laws, that joke was made by my friends hubby, he said something like, "She's my other wife", and my ex, thinking he's fucking hilarious, says, "Sloppy seconds?". If it wasn't a family gathering, I'd have punched him into next millennium. He got reprimanded for that comment by his mother, but I should have spoken up. I didn't of course, because I know the kind of shit that comes out of my mouth, and there were small children there. Asshat.

Other than the bar fight I broke up, which I won't get into because this journal is already long enough, I would say that I'm enjoying my days off. I better, since after Wednesday, I won't have any time off, outside of the weekends, until April... unless I schedule it, which requires the vacation calendar to get to me, and I have no idea who has it right now. Soooo... off to bed I guess.
  • Mood: Tired
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  • Playing: Music in my head
  • Eating: Nothing. Getting too fluffy
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Batman obsessed
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Batman... and the Joker
Personal Quote: "True Story".

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